12 September 2008

Stargate Solutions posts an interview with Joe Mallozzi

Major Stargate franchise news resource Stargate Solutions has posted an excellent interview with Stargate top dog Joe Mallozzi, they got the ball rolling by asking Joe how he heard about the axing of and what was his first reaction, said Mr Mallozzi, "Although we knew that the odds were stacked against us for a sixth season pick-up, we were cautiously optimistic after our premiere. In the ensuing weeks, the ratings held and, given that the first few episodes of season 5 had pulled in better numbers than the back half of season 4, our optimism grew.

"We had, of course, heard word that SGU (
Stargate Universe) was close to a done deal and, with the new series poised to go, we were looking at the possibility of producing another 40 episode season. Taxing but very doable, and we were more than up to the task. But, following a conference call with the studio and the network, Brad (Wright) came in and told us that this would be Atlantis’s final season. We were disappointed, not only for ourselves (we had a great time making the show, especially these last two years) but for the countless others involved in its production as well.

"2. What was the experience like for you and Paul Mullie as you told the cast and crew? We’ve been told they were shocked at the decision.

"I think everyone was surprised. When we received word that we would not be coming back, Paul and I headed down to the trailers to inform the cast members: Joe, Jason, Rachel, and Jewel. David was off that day so we phoned him at home. By the time I got through to Bob, he already knew. Once that was done, John Smith and I headed down to set and broke the news to the crew. Reaction ranged from shocked disappointment to philosophical resignation." Please go to Solutions for the rest of the interview >>

To find out more about Stargate Atlantis from Joe Mallozzi please go to his blog >> tell him we sent you *chortle*

Stargate Atlantis airs on SciFi Australia

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