12 September 2008

US TV Guide Chats To Smallville's Erica Durance

Many years ago Erica Durance guested on one episode of Stargate SG-1, in the ep she played a bit of a love interest for Teal'c (Christopher Judge) which included a pretty steamy scene, these days Ms Durance is a permanent fixture on Smallville in the role of Lois Lane.

The US TV Magazine TV Guide caught up with the actress to chat about Season 8, they started by asking the star how many episodes she is on, "all I know is I'm doing more than my 13, but they won't tell me how many yet.

"TVGuide.com: Those sneaks. Don’t they know you have bills to pay? Shoes to buy?
Durance: It is sneaky, right?!

"TVGuide.com: Now that we're doing Lois and Clark at the "Daily Planet," do you feel as if, more than ever, all eyes are on you?
Durance: I would go crazy if I felt deeply that way. I would go insane! But what I do feel, because we're moving more towards that mythos, is that I have a lot more to do in each episode. I'm more involved, Lois is finding herself more, and she definitely is becoming that journalist that everyone loves. She's brushing shoulders with Clark a lot, so we have a lot of fun interplay. She'll go to investigate something, thinking that she's the one solving the problem, and meanwhile he's speeding around saving her a lot. It's quite funny. The rest is over at TV Guide >>

Smallville airs on TEN HD in Australia

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