07 September 2009

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 08SEP09

1921: Desperate Romantics: An Interview With Rafe Spall With the nickname "Maniac", William Holman Hunt was surely someone to keep an eye out for, particularly as he thought he'd been given the nickname for all the right reasons. But for Hunt, one of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, played by Rafe Spall, the nickname was more likely to be down to his weird, wild and wonderful ways, writes Programme Information's Jane Dudley.....

The Fixer S201 Episode 1 The underground crime fighters take on the Barber Boys, a gang who are terrorising the streets of South London, under their leader Clinton McSmith (Johan Myres). A young teenage girl, Savannah Ford (Nicola Burley), witness to the gangs’ violent activities, is on the run and it is down to the deniable unit to protect her so she can testify against McSmith
1600: The Fixer Season 2

SGU's Rob Carlisle 9 min Video from the UK network ITV Brekkie Show

The Fixer S106 Episode 6 Lenny is targeting the kingpin of judicial corruption, Richard Blakeney, to expose his network of bent policemen and corrupt judges.

Blue Murder S503 Tooth & Claw Out in the hills north of Manchester the discovery of local vet Ruth Turner’s (Sophie Rickman) body thrusts the team into a community reluctant to open its doors to them.

Eastwick S101 Pilot There was a time when Roxanne, Kat and Joanna didn't get along because of their preconceived notions of each other. Roxie was the extrovert artist, Kat the overworked wife and mum, and Joanna the wallflower local reporter

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