09 September 2009

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 09SEP09

1513: ABC1 has changed the BBC/HBO thriller series Five Days title to its Season 2 2 parter tag Hunter
Five Days/Hunter S101 Day 1
Five Days/Hunter S102 Day 3
Five Days/Hunter S103 Day 28
Five Days/Hunter S104 Day 33
Five Days/Hunter S105 Day 79

Five Days/Hunter: Sarah Wheeler Interview

The Beast S106 Hothead There's nothing more dangerous than an FBI agent who's gone rogue, and Frank Oland may be one of them.

The Wire: S106 The Wire D'Angelo's boy Wallace awakens to a grim scene outside the abandoned rowhouse that he shares with a group of parentless children. The brutalized corpse of Omar's boy Brandon is splayed across the hood of a car. Wallace gets all the kids off to school, handing each of them a juice box on their way out the door.

Desperate Romantics: An Interview with Sam Crane Fresh from filming an energetic bar brawl with Aidan Turner (who plays Dante Gabriel Rossetti), Sam explains the origins of his character Fred: "He's a composite of several historical characters."

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