10 September 2008

SciFi Thursday TEN HD Week 37

SciFi Thursday 11 September 2008, 8.30pm Battlestar Galactica, He That Believeth in Me, 9.30pm The X-Files, Fallen Angel, 10.25pm Eureka, Phoenix Rising.

Ne multus: BSG
He That Believeth in me, "The thin line that separates humanity from the rapidly evolving Cylons is redrawn as Starbuck returns from the dead with claims that she has found planet Earth". The Battlestar Galactica Shed Season 4

Ne multus: X-Files Fallen Angel "When a tract of lonely woodland is cordoned off between laser fences, and rapidly changing explanations are rampant, Mulder's curiosity carries him beyond the bounds of official jurisdiction-and into the middle of a UFO cleanup". Please go here to chat about The X-Files

Ne multus: Eureka Phoenix Rising "Recently, after Henry travelled through time to save Kim, the woman he loved, from deadly exposure to the mysterious artifact in Section Five, he and Jack Carter both enjoyed four years of a happy alternate future. Jack married Allison Blake, and Henry married Kim. Find out more >>

Three members of the Eureka cast

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