14 September 2008

Fringe: 104 The Arrival, more details released

As reported yesterday there wasn't a lot of information released about the Fringe episode The Arrival, images only. Much more has becaome available in the last 24 hours, included in the press release was cast, guest cast and synopsis, to view all this stuff and more 'gate on over to The JJ Abrams 'Fringe' Shed at The Happy Place Forums Ne Multus: "After a deadly explosion rocks a construction site in New York City, Broyles (Lance Reddick) solicits the aid of our unlikely threesome to investigate a strange cylinder mysteriously found at the scene completely unharmed by the surrounding devastation.

Pictured: Lance Reddick plays Phillip Broyles,
special agent for Homeland Security
who heads the special Fringe division

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