17 August 2008

Stargate Atlantis reaches 100th episodes milestone

Treated like a pile of maggot droppings by the Australian TV network channel seven Stargate Atlantis has reached the magic 100 episodes, the script is drafted and over at executive producer Joe Mallozzi's blog, he had this to say, "Speaking of titles - we finally got one for our 100th episode: Enemy at the Gate.

"Looks like it will shoot in the #19 slot, meaning we’ll wrap in Vancouver and finish shooting season five in Las Vegas. It’s 60+ pages of intergalactic fun and Marty G (edit: Martin Gero) is looking to add to the page count by pitching out a certain scene that has divided the writers’ room.

"That’s Martin (Gero) and Carl (Binder) for, Paul (Mullie) and I against, and Alan firmly straddling the fence. Hey, I love the idea. I’m just not crazy about the timing. If the scene boards, we may compromise by shooting it anyway and deciding later whether or not it makes the final cut. To find out more race over to Joe's Blog >>

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