05 August 2008

TEN HD' Incredible Shrinking SciFi Thursday

When the TEN Network announced a while back that their high definition channel was about to launch they stated that there was to be a dedicated SciFi schedule, which at that time was SciFi Saturday.

Long story short, it quickly turned into SciFi Thursday, on the first night it started at 7.30 and went through to after midnight, four scripted series and a SciFi film.

First to fall off the sked was the late night SciFi flick, offed next was the 7.30 sked when Smallville (Season 7 Shed) (Season 8 Shed) was moved to 8.30. Eureka (Season 3 Shed) finished its season 1 run and fans are waiting for it's return. Jericho was dropped for a couple of weeks for the season changeover and replaced by X-Files and is now back. The 4400 finished it's run with the series finale The Great Leap Forward on Thursday 31 July. It has since been canceled by the CBS Paramount Network Television and not replaced by TEN HD.

There is a sad 3 hours (incuding commercials, 2 and a bit hours without ads) left of the once proud SciFi Thursday. Aussie SciFi fans live in hope

Next up on Thursday 7 August at 8.30pm Smallville S19 Quest, 9.30pm The X-Files 105 The Jersey Devil and 10.25pm Jericho moves straight into S2 with Reconstruction

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