05 August 2008

'SGA: S504 The Daedalus Variations

Behind the Scenes:

The Daedalus Variations
August 4, 2008 (Episodes)

“I hope fans enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it,” says writer/producer Alan McCullough of Stargate Atlantis’ latest action-packed installment.

The idea for the episode had occurred to McCullough way back at the beginning of season four, and when season five came around the producers felt it was time to put the story in motion. Alternate realities, of course, are to be expected in the Stargate universe – but ‘The Daedalus Variations’ would be the first time that Sheppard’s team had bounced between quite so many, and together! The Daedalus Variations “The visual effects on this episode are nothing short of spectacular,” says the writer. “Mark Savela totally out did himself! We spent a lot [of money] on the visual effects for this episode – The space battles are some of the best we’ve ever done. It really helps sell the jeopardy they’re in.”

One of the reasons that the production was able to spend extra money on the visual effects was that for the most part, the rest of the episode was actually very small. The story focused very tightly on Sheppard, Ronon, McKay and Teyla, and for the most part used only one set, which was already standing at Bridge Studios.

“The cast did a great job in what was kind of a difficult episode for them,” McCullough admits. “They shot seven days all in the Daedalus. So obviously, they didn’t get the chance to get out in the woods and hunt and fight and all the things they get to do in other episodes! But they did a great job playing the confinement of it.” Read more >>

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