14 August 2008

An interview with Stargate Atlantis' Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa plays Ronon Dex on the Canadian made scifi series Stargate Atlantis, he lived in Australia once, even had a girlfriend in Adelaide, but all that's gone now, he lives in Canada and is a big noise on the SciFi series Stargate Atlantis.

Anyhoo, Canadian website Cinema Spy has posted an extensive interview with him, they started by asking the dreadlocked actor, "You say that you didn't think that you’d end up becoming an action star. What kind of actor did you expect to become?

Jason Momoa: I just find myself a little bit more nostalgically tragic. Just more of a - I didn’t want to play an action star because it’s just such a gimme. I’m not that way, I don’t want to be that way. I dreaded my hair because I don’t want to be the pretty boy and the hunk. I didn’t want it to be all about my face; it originally started from that and I hated that. Because I’m just not that. From that spawned the dreads. I just wanted different roles. Now that I have this role, it’s great, because Joe’s the number one. And you don’t find someone like me - big, tall - next to someone that’s the leading man on the show. Normally the sidekick’s going to be someone like David. It’s going to be someone funny. I play right next to Joe and it’s awesome. I’ve worked on shows when guys aren’t that cool with it. Tom Cruise ain’t cool looking up to me. I’m not going to play Tom Cruise’s sidekick, you know what I mean? Brad Pitt’s not going to want me. It’s interesting that Joe - he’s a Harrison Ford type of guy, super confident and with his own style and we work well together. I’d love to work with Flanigan for the rest of my life. He’s great. The rest of the interview is at Cinema Spy >>

Stargate Atlantis is in it's fifth season and is currently airing in various countires around the planet. Australia is lagging back at season three

When it is aired in Australia the broadcaster, sadly, is the seven network....

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