10 August 2010

Gasbo SciFi Aus & UK Drama and Other Stuff 10AUG10

Updates: Tuesday 10 August 2010
Press Release: Vera
Human Target Press Release Mon 09AUG10 Human Target Season 2 Premiere date moved to Friday 1 October 2010 from 24 September 2010 by FOX, rats! HT fans in Aus have to wait another 7 days
Human Target: S201 Episode One

Lewis S4 Premieres 7Two 11AUG10 at 2130hrs
Lewis: S401 The Dead of Winter
Lewis: Dark Matter
Lewis Your Sudden Death Question
Lewis: Falling Darkness
Lewis Series 4 Interviews
Lewis Interviews: Kevin Whately
Lewis Interviews: Lawrence Fox
Lewis Interviews: Nathaniel Parker
Lewis Interviews: Sophie Ward
Lewis Interviews: Alan Davies
Lewis Interviews: Rupert Graves

Tonight on TV Tue 10AUG10
Sod all

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