30 June 2010

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates & Other Stuff 30JUN10

Updates: Wednesday 30 June 2010
1132: Breakout Kings PRESS RELEASE
A Gasbo SciFi Aus & UK Drama, it Shows PROMISE Programme
0943: Haven: S104 Ball and Chain
Haven: S103 Butterfly
0914: Haven: S102 Consumed

0106: Warehouse 13; S202 Mild Mannered
0105: Warehouse 13: S201 Time Will Tell
0104: Warehouse 13: Season 2
0103: Eureka: S404 The Story of O2
0102: Eureka: S403 All the Rage
0100: Eureka: S402 A New World
0059: Eureka: S401 Founder’s Day
0058: Haven: S101 Welcome to Haven
0057: Haven
VIDEO runtime 32 secs

Tonight on TV Tue 29JUN10
Sadly, again nothing for the discerning viewer.

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