12 March 2010

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates & Other Stuff 12MAR10

Updates: Fri 12 March 2010

0749: Ashes to Ashes: S30 Ep One NEW
Back in CID a lot has changed; Gene is on the run, Ray Carling has been promoted to DI and is running the show, DC Chris Skelton and WPC Shaz Granger have ended their romance and new discipline and complaints officer, DCI Jim Keats, is breathing down everyone's necks.
0745: Ashes to Ashes 3: Daniel Mays

0743: Ashes to Ashes 3: Keeley Hawes
0237: Sherlock: Filming Commences BBC advises the Nine Network has picked up the Arthur Conan Doyle modern remake of Sherlock in a deal with BBC Worldwide Australia, BBC further advises that Nine will air the flick/series mid 2010, yeah right! Doncha just hate it when those losers Nine pick up good Pommy stuff?

Tonight on TV: Fri 12MAR10
Criminal Justice: Part 1 NEW
Criminal Justice: Ben Whishaw
Criminal Justice: Pete Postlethwaite
Criminal Justice: Character Bios

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