30 March 2010

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates & Other Stuff 30MAR10

Updates: Tue 30 March 2010
S217 Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver 5 PICS
24: Interview Executive Producer Howard Gordon THR: When's the soonest that fans could realistically expect a feature film? Gordon: Obviously the script's still being written. It could be as early as next year depending on how things come together.
Waking the Dead: S607 & 608 Mask of Sanity NEW James Jenson, a long-term patient in a secure psychiatric unit, is released into the community. On the same day, the wallets of three murder victims from the past are sent anonymously to the wife of one of the victims
V: S107 John May NEW Erica, Ryan and Jack go on a harrowing mission to find the legendary John May in order to rescue Georgie
Castle: S220 The Late Shaft NEW When Castle appears on a late-night talk show to promote his book, Heat Wave, legendary host Bobby Mann (guest star Tom Bergeron) leans in during a commercial break and whispers, ".... .... .. ...."
0641: Supernatural (SPN) S517 Dark Side of the Moon VIDEO
runtime 2.01 minutes, as always it's a bit of a spoiler

Tonight on TV: Tue 30MAR10
24: S811 Day 8 200am - 300am NEW. The clock races into the middle of the night when the threat of a devastating nuclear attack accelerates

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