19 March 2010

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates & Other Stuff 19MAR10

Updates: Fri 19 March 2010
0447: Blue Murder S403 Crisis Management 2 PICS

0359: Jonathon Creek: The Judas Tree NEW
. When a young woman becomes seemingly possessed by the spirit of a Victorian sorceress, illusionist Jonathan Creek and intrepid investigator Joey Ross must fight to prove she is innocent of murder
0301: Blue Murder S402 Desperate Measures 2 PICS
0300: Dr Who: Eleventh Hour SYNOPSIS ADDED

Tonight on TV: Fri 19MAR10
Paralympics 2010 Vanvouver CA
Collectors: ABC website >>
Criminal Justice: S102 Part 2
Criminal Justice: Ben Whishaw
Criminal Justice: Pete Postlethwaite

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