17 March 2010

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates & Other Stuff 17MAR10

Updates: Wed 17 March 2010
1523: Sanctuary: S3 commences production press release
. New York, NY 16 March 2010: Syfy's groundbreaking hit original series Sanctuary, commenced production on its third season in Vancouver on March 15. The one-hour drama's 20-episode season is slated to return to Syfy this fall.
0946: I, Psychpath NEW Psychopaths: they’ll charm you, manipulate you, then ruin your life. But, not all of them with a gun or a knife. In this extra-ordinary documentary, corporate criminal and suspected psychopath Sam Vaknin goes in search of a diagnosis, was he born without a conscience?
0649: Smallville 916 Checkmate 6 PICS
no other info available at this time and so there are no little spoilers

Tonight on TV: Wed 17MAR10
Fringe: 214 The Bishop Revival NEW When a specific group of guests at a wedding in Brookline, MA, suffocate from the inside out, the upsetting and disconcerting crime scene has the Fringe team investigating how the toxin was delivered and targeted.
IPLT20 StartTimes AU 17/18MAR10 western seaboard starts on 17MAR10, central and eastern seaboards 18MAR10
Spicks & Specks (ABCTV Site) NEW Spicks and Specks special guests this week are Fame: The Musical’s Chris Durling, funny-woman Fiona O'Loughlin, iconic Australian entertainer Patti Newton and American comedian Eddie Ifft
The Killing Episode 7 NEW
Just as Jan is starting to think that he is now in charge of the investigation of the crime, Sarah returns

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