10 March 2010

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates & Other Stuff 10MAR10

Updates: Wed 10 March 2010

Dr Who S5 on ABC IView NEW In a first for ABC TV, the new series of Doctor Who will launch on ABC iView, the ABC’s internet broadcasting service, two days prior to its broadcast on ABC1.
Human Target S110 Corner Man 8 PICS posted in the Corner Man page
24 Day 8 200am to 300am 8 PICS posted in the wee hours page
0515: Supernatural S515 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid 6 PICS
added to the Dead Men page
0031: Inspector George Gently: Press Release: 9 March 2010

Tonight on TV:Wed 10MAR10
Spicks & Specks NEW
Fringe S212 Johari Window NEW A child is picked up on the road by a sheriff who decides to take him back to the station in order to track down his parents. The kid suddenly morphs into a deformed creature
The Killing Episode Six NEW There’s trouble ahead for Troels after someone in his department apparently tried to hide the fact that one of Nanna’s teachers had previously been involved in a situation with a very young girl

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