11 February 2010

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 11FEB10

1212: 24 Day 8 1100pm-1200am 30" VIDEO posted in our 24 11pm to 12am 24 page
1057: Human Target S102 Run 1'14" VIDEO LOL I am so loving this show, the humour is immense, this clip is in relation to the first image in the group in the main page, not much of a spoiler, that Guerrero, he might be small but he knows how to handle the baddies *chortle*
Heroes Brave New World 15 sec VID added, it's a real spoiler this one, it's only short but it says a lot, be wary, Claire bear fans might be a little shocked. CAN'T WAIT, how many sleeps, oh yeah, one, so much to get so little time

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