21 January 2010

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 21JAN10

1524: Blue Murder: S304 In Deep A diver discovers human remains in Blackshore Lake. A hip flask is found nearby engraved with the name Paul Cochran. Once a successful architect, Cochran is now staying at Priestley House - a drug rehabilitation centre.
Human Target S101 Pilot gets 5 stars exiting stuff, bullet train, assassin, brakes failing at 400 clicks/hr (250mph) and Chance saves his client by MacGyvering an escape, very swish......
Fringe: S211 Unearthed gets 5 stars even though it's a lost but now found season one ep, it's full on action

0759: Survivors: Freema Agyeman Interview Freema Agyeman is Jenny Collins, Freema Agyeman saw her fair share of apocalyptic scenarios as Martha Jones in Doctor Who, but none scared her as much as the one envisaged by Survivors.
0748: Survivors: S103 Episode Three Abby stumbles across a community that could hold the key to everyone’s future. The group is led by Samantha Willis, the last surviving member of the Government
0731: Survivors: S102 Episode Two Abby and her new friends find a house to shelter in and set about gathering the essential supplies they need to stay alive.
0715: Blue Murder: S303 The Spartacus Thing, airs on ABC1 13 February 2010 at 2115hrs
0708: Blue Murder: S302 Make Believe
0703: Blue Murder: S301 Steady Eddie

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