08 January 2010

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 08JAN10

Tonight on ABC2 at 2030hrs Torchwood: Children of Earth Day 1
Paradox 105 Episode 5 gets 5 stars
2031: Paradox 104 Episode 4 gets 5 stars
1431: Midsomer S202 Stranglers Wood When Carla Constanza, the face of Brazil's leading cigarette brand is found strangled in the infamous Strangler's Wood, DCI Tom Barnaby and DS Gavin Troy's work load suddenly increases.
1402: Sanctuary: S213 Kali Pt 2 synopsis updated
0728: Being Human S203 Episode Three After a brief house-meeting the friends decide they need to start hanging out and being there for each other more than they have been lately.
0710: Being Human S202 Episode Two Mitchell has a blast from the past when an old friend arrives at the hospital dead and bloodied. Lucy, the witty nurse who has got Mitchell increasingly tongue-tied, spots suspicious-looking marks on the man's neck
0703: Silent Witness: Shadows Parts 1 & 2. A student commits suicide on the university campus where the Lyell Centre is situated, Leo, as a senior member of the University Board, liaises with the Dean and investigating officer DC Saich after it emerges the deceased, Jason Renfrew, was the victim of bullying.

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