19 January 2010

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 19JAN109

1310: Law & Order: UK Interview: Harriet Walters You must be thrilled to be returning to Law & Order:UK for another series? “I’m very excited I must say! I was in America at the end of the summer doing a play on Broadway wondering what my fate was going to be. There are many diehard followers of the original American series and I was initially concerned that a lot of the exoticism for British viewers was it being set in New York, so in bringing the series to London some fans may not take to it. However, because the format is the same I think it actually enhances their enjoyment. I think viewers see it very much as their own with home-grown situations and characters.”
1305: Law & Order UK S201 Samaritan A tragic communication error between police officers leaves young PC Nick Bentley caught in the cross-fire of armed drug-dealers with no back-up.
1301: Law & Order UK Season 2
0615: Human Target: S103 Embassy Row 7 pics posted
0204: Fringe: S214 The Bishop Revival. When a specific group of guests at a wedding in Brookline, MA, suffocate from the inside out, the upsetting and disconcerting crime scene has the Fringe team investigating how the toxin was delivered and targeted.

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