01 January 2010

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 01JAN10

2330: Silent Witness: 1307 Shadows Parts 1 & 2
2250: Silent Witness: 1305 Run Parts 1 & 2
0954: The Simpsons S2110 Once Upon a Time In Springfield, preface, synopsis, cast and guest cast added
0850: Human Target: 5 promo pics added
0205: Human Target: S101 Pilot Christopher Chance is a unique private contractor/security expert/bodyguard hired when an unusual or imminent threat cannot be solved through normal means of protection.
0125: 24 4pm to 6pm: preface, synopsis, cast, guest cast etc. Set in New York City, Jack Bauer is unwillingly drawn back into action just as President Allison Taylor negotiates international security with Omar Hassan....

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