01 December 2009

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 01DEC09

1644: Human Target: Official Logo Released by FOX and is very swish albiet in B/W
1607: Fringe: S210 Grey Matters - Updated guest cast, extended synopsis etc
1542: Simpsons: 2108 O Brother, Where Bart Thou updated
1352: New Tricks: S604 Episode 4 When clips of actress Eva Roderick being assaulted in the 1990 film noir Shadow Show are posted on the internet, the Unsolved Crime And Open Case Squad reopens the investigation into producer Max Stone's death and Eva's subsequent disappearance.
0515: 24: UK airdate revealed as Sunday 24JAN10 Jack is back! No news airdate Australia?
0441: Haven: a new supernatural series from SyFy Haven is a supernatural/drama television series consisting of thirteen episodes produced by E! Entertainment for worldwide SyFy network release
0007: The Wire: S203 Hot Shots Omar is stationed outside the apartment building where drug dealer Darnell lives, awaiting Darnell's little brother.

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