08 December 2009

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 08DEC09

2155: Merlin: S210 Sweet Dreams, we give Sweet Dreams 5 stars
2100: Heroes V512 Fifth Stage 5, we give 5th Stage 5 stars
1544: Judge John Deed: S404 Defence of the Realm, Deed's fellow judges turn against him for his indiscretion with a Claimant. He's exiled to Warwick.
0907: The Fixer S101 Episode One, nine images added
0330: The Fixer AU Premiere SBS 2200 Mon 14DEC09
0322: The Circuit: S201 Reading the Signs, Sam is back from looking after his son, and Drew and Bella’s relationship continues in secret
0300: The Circuit is an Australian drama production of six episodes, it is in it's second season. The series is made by Media World for the Australian TV network SBS. The Circuit tells the story of an Aboriginal Legal Services (ALS) solicitor Drew Ellis (played by Aaron Pederson) and the fun he and a team of legal eagles have traversing the beautiful but extremely hazardous Kimberly in far North West Australia.

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