29 November 2009

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 29NOV09

1624: Kingdom: S102 Episode Two Pressure is mounting on Peter as he is forced to hide his fugitive brother Simon, who has begged him not to go to the police. With gossip spreading rapidly through Market Shipborough how long can he keep Simon’s reappearance a secret?
0940: Kingdom: S101 Episode One Peter Kingdom's brother Simon is missing and so his wife and child move in to solicitor Peter's dwelling
0852: Kingdom, sadly this wonderful UK TV Network ITV made series will air during The Australian Television Silly Season on the Seven network and the best way to destroy a good UK made drama in Australia is for an Australian commercial network to air it.
0647: Fringe S210 Grey Matter Leonard Nimoy as William Bell returns for this episode
0641: Fringe S210 Grey Matter short synopsis added

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