22 November 2009

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 22NOV09

1635: Wire in Blood: S603 & 604 From the Defeated, Tony becomes the prime suspect in a murder inquiry after a female friend he meets at a psychology convention is killed.
1518: Lilies: S108 The Reckoning, May is convinced that things can be sorted out with Mr Brazendale even though he tells her he is leaving for New York just when the baby is due.
1505: Lilies: S107 The Serpent, when Billy accidentally brings home an exotic snake from a trip at sea the house is thrown into turmoil.
1452: Lilies: S106 The Release, Ruby's infatuation with a group of upper-class modern thinkers leads her into conflict with her family.
1443: Lilies S105 The Sea, the family encourage Billy to visit a badly injured friend from the War, hoping that it will cheer him up
1436: Lilies: S104 The Tallyman, Iris and Father Melia are thrown together as a scarlet fever epidemic threatens the street.
0710: Merlin S211 Un-named synops., images, cast etc., posted
0613: Merlin 210 Sweet Dreams 18 more images added, all up now there is 20
0049: Dr Who The End of Time 3 minutes 21 seconds Children in Need Video Preview added
0016: Stargate Universe S110 Justice, video short take posted, runtime 1 minute 47 seconds

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