19 November 2009

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 19NOV09

1157: Occupation: Warren Brown Interview Warren Brown has seen, at first hand, the difficulties young soldiers face in returning from war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan. "I've got quite a few mates who are in the Forces and they all say that getting back to normal life can be difficult," he says. Brown was able to draw on that knowledge as he portrayed Lee "Hibbsy" Hibbs in Occupation.
1132: Occupation: Steve Graham Interview Stephen Graham admits he had problems reading Peter Bowker's screenplay, but not, he hastens to add, because he wasn't gripped by its drama. "I couldn't get my hands on it," he explains. "My wife, Hannah, is an actor as well. When I was reading it she was grabbing it off me all the time".
1120: Occupation: James Nesbitt Interview, James Nesbitt admits he felt anxious about playing the role of a British soldier for the first time in his long and varied career. "This is the first soldier I've played since I was starting out as a young extra aged 16 or 17, and it was quite daunting," he explains.
1055: Occupation S103 Episode Three
1042: Occupation S102 Episode Two
1027: Occupation S101 Episode One During the invasion of Iraq in April 2003, three British soldiers from the same unit come under crossfire in a Basra flat; there, an explosion has huge consequences for an Iraqi girl, an event which radically shapes the lives of Danny, Mike and Hibbs over the coming years
0800: Heroes V 512 Thanksgiving 30 second video short take posted
0313: New Tricks: S603 Fresh Starts When Gerry Standing notices a man behaving suspiciously at a children's playground, he is quick to act and have him arrested, as the detective drama continues. The accused, David Fleeting, isn't a pervert, though – he's a desperate man who believes he has seen his dead wife among the other parents.

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