15 November 2009

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 15/16NOV09

1244: A Good Murder Kay, (Juliet Aubrey), attractive, 30-something and single, lives with her mother, Phyllis (Anna Massey) in her rundown West London house. Phyllis, overbearing and possessive of her daughter, suffers from arthritis and takes full advantage of Kay’s good nature, relying on her for everything, leaving guilt-ridden Kay no life of her own.
0949: Michael Shanks to appear on Smallville 2010 the link goes to The Happy Place Forums Michael Shanks thread, membership is a prerequisite
Stargate Universe S109 Life
remainder of images posted (33 of 33)
0146: Sanctuary S106: Fragments Five images posted, two featuring Stargate franchise alumni Michael Shanks
0053: Stargate Universe S109 Life 20 of 33 images posted

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