14 November 2009

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 14NOV09

1617: Wire in Blood Simone Lahbib Interview Simone Lahbib is back as Alex Fielding guiding the viewers through the dark and dangerous storylines of Wire in the Blood VI
1222: Taggart S2410 Crossing The Line When excavations of an old mine near the ex-mining community of Garsden uncover two skeletons, the team are called in to investigate. The skeletons are identified as two adults. The bodies are entwined and they are wearing wedding rings, were they a couple? How did they end up buried in a mine? Were they buried alive?
1217: Taggart S2409 Homesick When Polish security guard Zbigniew ‘Ziggy’ Lisowski is shot at the building site where he works, DCI Burke and the team are called in to investigate the murder. Ziggy worked for Livingston Construction, a building company who use Polish immigrant workers on site. Mr Fisher, who is in charge of overseeing the workers, immediately dismisses the idea that the shooting was something to do with either the workers or the company
1212: Taggart S2408 The Caring Game When loner Kyla McMartin is found dead in her bathtub in a rundown Glasgow tenement, DI Robbie Ross has his mind on more personal problems. His ex-wife Gaby is planning on emigrating with their 16-year-old son Jamie. Ross can’t afford to be distracted as the team investigates McMartin’s death. Laceration wounds consistent with her skull being cracked against the taps seem the likely cause of death.
1122: Collision S105 Episode 5 [Final]. Jane Tarrant (Lucy Griffiths) is in emotional turmoil, caught between her fiancé Dave Brown (Matt Ryan) and the burgeoning romance with rich businessman Richard Reeves (Paul McGann). Dave still wants to marry Jane, but she knows she wants more to life than marriage to him can offer. And Richard is urging her to run away with him.
1119: Collision S104 Episode 4 Jeffrey Rampton (Craig Kelly) and his wife Sandra (Zoe Telford) are being quizzed by police after the grisly discovery of a body in a secret compartment of Daniel Rampton’s van. The couple both deny any knowledge of what Daniel (Dean Lennox Kelly) had been doing and Tolin (Douglas Henshall) is forced to release them.
1003: Collision S103 Episode 3 Daniel Rampton (Dean Lennox Kelly) is still on the run after the accident. He arranges to meet his brother and tells him that he needs money to get a passport and leave the country. Jeffrey (Craig Kelly) wants to help, but cash is short and he is trying to keep the truth from his wife Sandra (Zoe Telford).
0946: Collision: S102 Episode 2 It is seconds after the collision has occurred and the road is a mass of twisted metal. Smoke and the anguished cries of the victims fill the air. The two police officers Gopal and Clacy, who had been in pursuit of Gareth and Alice, managed to avoid the worst of the collision and call the emergency services in.
0933: Hope Springs: S108 Episode 8 [Final]
0932: Hope Springs: S107 Episode 7
0931: Hope Springs: S106 Episode 6
0930: Hope Springs: S105 Episode 5
Hope Springs: S104 Episode 4
0147: Midsomer Murders: S404 Dark Autumn In the village of Goodman's Land postman Dave Cutler is brutally scythed down with a billhook belonging to a local woodcutter as he delivers the post

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