12 November 2009

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 12NOV09

1155: Heroes V511 Thanksgiving 23 pics posted
1123: Moses Jones character: Matt Smith is Detective Sergeant Dan Twentyman
1050: Moses Jones character: Shaun Parkes is Moses Jones
1015: Moses Jones: S101 Episode One A wave of violence hits London following the discovery of the bizarrely mutilated body of a man in the Thames. First appearances suggest a witchcraft killing, but the dark reality is more complicated, and even more frightening
Moses Jones Gasbo SciFi Australia & UK Drama Home Page Moses Jones is a vibrant and thrilling drama set in the heart of London, stars Shaun Parkes in his first leading role for television. Moses Jones is writer Joe Penhall's first original series for television, following his award-winning adaptation of Jake Arnott's novel The Long Firm.

0858: Wire in Blood: Series 6 Interview: Robson Green asked about the differences between actor Robson Green and character Tony Hill on the series subject matter, Robson said, “After six series of Wire in the Blood, I’m no closer to understanding the kink that makes people kill or why people do destructive things. Tony always sees the destructive person as a victim, not me,”
0849: Wire in the Blood: The Characters
0205: Wire in the Blood S601 and S602 Unnatural Vices Tony and Alex investigate theories of honour killings, fetishism and cannibalism when human remains are found in wasteland. New team member Collins gets inextricably drawn into the case and Tony begins a personal battle with a serial killer.

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