03 November 2009

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 03NOV09

2106: Collision S101 Episode One, cast, crew, precis, synopsis and UK airdate posted, it's a long and detailed read folks; the five part serial is a modern epic tale which explores how fragile our lives are. It focuses on how fate and the feeling of immortality behind the wheel play a part in modern lives, where events are not always in our control and ordered.
2014: Merlin: S208 The Sins of the Father. A challenge to Arthur from a mysterious warrior sets in motion a terrible chain of events, which leads to the uncovering of a dark secret that threatens the whole kingdom, as Merlin and the Prince respond to a request from the beautiful Morgause.
1900: Spooks S801 Ep 1: 2 videos (1 x 1min 4secs and 1 x 36 seconds) posted
1750: Heroes: V509 Shadow Boxing 31 second video posted
1046: Smallville S909 Pandora Tess (Cassidy Freeman) kidnaps Lois (Erica Durance) to find out where Lois went after she disappeared for weeks. edit: I was wonder that too, exercising her dad's taught martial arts skills
1034: Supernatural: S510 Abandon All Hope Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Castiel (Misha Collins) track down the Colt and head off to find Lucifer (guest star Mark Pelligreno) to send him back to Hell
0659: Reaper: S101 Pilot Now 21, Sam discovers his parents sold his soul to the devil before he was born, Sam freaks out turns and to his friends Sock and Ben for help.
0656: Reaper: GSFA Home Page when Sam Oliver reached the age of 21 years he discovers his folks have sold his soul to the devil and like it or not he has to do the devil's bidding
0019: The anticipation for Season Eight of 24 continues to surge with Gregory Itzin reprising his acclaimed role as CHARLES LOGAN. The disgraced former President Logan was last seen after being shockingly stabbed by First Lady MARTHA LOGAN (Jean Smart) in Season Six. Full story > >

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