30 October 2009

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 30OCT09

1223: Agatha Christie's Poirot 1203 The Hallowe'en Party When Mrs Ariadne Oliver (Zoë Wanamaker) attends a children's Hallowe'en party in Woodleigh Common with her friend Judith (Amelia Bullmore), a young girl Joyce Reynolds (Macy Nyman) boasts of having witnessed a murder years before. Joyce's story is heard by all the party, including her strange brother Leopold, the impeccable hostess Rowena Drake (Deborah Findlay). Full synopsis, cast and preface here > >
1011: Stargate Universe S104 Darkness. Five Special Effects pics posted
0900: Smallville S907 Kandor remaing 10 pics posted, all up 20
0718: SyFy re-imagining UK's Being Human Being Human is a re-imagining of the acclaimed BBC original. Three 20-something roommates, a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf, struggle to keep their dark secrets from the world, Read the full story > >
0700: Sanctuary S204 Hero: full synopsis An unlikely superhero with unprecedented strength and the amazing ability to fly, is thwarting crime - and Sanctuary missions - throughout the city, sparking an investigation into his identity by the Sanctuary team. Magnus (Amanda Tappong ) and Will (Robin Dunne) are able to trap this costumed man by creating a phony emergency, which he responds to with vigor. The city’s newest hero who calls himself “The Adjuster” is quickly disabled and brought back to the Sanctuary for study. Continue reading > >
0227: Sarah Jane: The Gift Part 2 [Final] When the Blathereens' gift runs riot, Sarah Jane faces the battle of her life to save her son, Luke
Sarah Jane: The Gift Part One Sarah Jane, Luke, Clyde and Rani face an old enemy, the green Slitheen
0203: Spooks S803 Episode 3 The exclusive and powerful Bendorf group, made up of the eight richest men in the world, is meeting on British soil and Section D must find out what is being planned. Ros is sent undercover and attends the meeting, but what should be a routine operation becomes a life-or-death situation.
0141: Garrows Law S103 Episode 3 William Garrow is now a celebrated barrister at the late 18th century Old Bailey. In his next case, he successfully defends a coachman accused by his master, the aristocratic, pompous Crespigny, of stealing a harness.
0110: Merlin S208 Episode 8 When a mysterious warrior challenges Arthur to a duel, nobody could possibly predict the devastating chain of events that is set in motion

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