16 September 2009

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 16SEP09

1243: Desperate Romantics: Episode 3 John Millais, the youngest and most talented member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, delights in having landed the influential John Ruskin as his new patron. Millais's friends and fellow artists, Hunt and Rossetti, however, watch on with bitter envy as his star begins to rise.
1227: Desperate Romantics: An Interview with Samuel Barnett Samuel Barnett plays John Everett Millais; a child prodigy who joined the Royal Academy of Art aged only 11. Whilst there, he met William Holman Hunt and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, two of his future Pre-Raphaelite brothers. He developed a controversially realistic style of painting, creating works like, the now iconic and widely reproduced, Ophelia
1139: Merlin: Adrian Lester (Myror) Interview Adrian Lester joins the cast of Merlin for the second episode as sinister assassin Myror and confesses he hadn't even seen the show when he agreed to take part: "I must admit I had heard of the show because of its huge reputation, I hadn't managed to catch an episode. But if a show can garner such a huge international reputation on its first series, you don't have to see it to know its quality."
1022: Vampire Diaries: S102 Friday Night Bites, twenty second Vid posted
0957: Dollhouse: 202 Instinct Eight [8] images posted, please click the link to go to the Instinct page
0128: Midsome Murders S1206 The Creeper Midsomer’s Chettham Park House, once owned by Sir William Chettham, has been bought by entrepreneur Jack Filby to save Sir William from financial ruin.
0054: Warehouse 13: S112 McPherson [season one finale] airdate US, guest cast, crew and short synopsis added

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