14 September 2009

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 14SEP09

1631: Blue Murder: Ian Kelsey Interview How has the new series developed since the last? I think the writers have really gone for it this year, as they’ve concentrated on the relationships between each character. You get to know more about who the characters are away from the badge and the team has changed slightly because there is a new colleague, Kat.
1615: Blue Murder S504 This Charming Man Jack Taylor (Michael Winniczuk), lead singer of ‘Rule 7’, is found dead at the bottom of the stairs in his apartment. The team uncover the manager Matt’s (Danny Cunningham) doubts about the band’s latest album and a desire to get ex-band member Billy Radford (Liam Garrigan) back on board.

The Fixer S203 Episode 3 Symmonds is furious that Mercer has disobeyed him and informs Lenny in no uncertain terms what it will cost the team if they don’t do him a favour. A drug dealer, Gideon Stone, whose Afghan drugs operation has cost the lives of British soldiers is in the UK and needs taking out.
1237: Interview: The Fixer: Andrew Buchan Lauded by critics and viewers alike, the story of hitman John Mercer played with simmering menace by Andrew Buchan received an RTS award for Best Continuing Drama. Speaking of the night the team stepped up to receive the accolade. “When it came to our award there was so much tension on our table; the horrible weird tension you usually watch other people going through, and then I remember the description of the winner as read out before the name of it so I was thinking to myself, ‘is that us? Are we dark and superbly thrilling?’

East West 101 S106 The Hand of Friendship Hunt is missing. HQ received a panicked call from a woman accusing Malik of killing him. Is he dead? And is Malik reponsible? When Hunt's body is found in Chinatown Crowley is dismissive
1124: East West 101 S201 The Lost Boy When a car bomb goes off in a Sydney suburb it is attributed to the work of Islamic extremists and a joint task force is formed to deal with it.

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