03 September 2009

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 03SEP09

2349: Eureka S318 What Goes Around Synopsis and other details added
Eureka S317 Have an Ice Day Synopsis and other details added
Midsomer S1205 Small Mercies Synopsis and other details added
1901: Fringe S201 A New Day in the Old Town official synopsis added
0125: Ashes to Ashes Season 2 Episode 2 Gene stands accused of death by dangerous driving. However, Alex is adamant there was something wrong with Jed at the wheel and sets out to prove the crash wasn't Gene's fault.
0055: Poirot: S506 The Chocolate Box In their flat one night, the conversation between Poirot and Hastings turns to the latter's belief that Poirot has never known failure in his professional career. The little Belgian tells him that is not the case and tells Hastings of one occasion when he did not succeed in unravelling a crime

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