27 August 2009

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 27AUG09

Thu 27AUG09 1455: Blue Murder: S501 Having It All Blue Murder is one of the UK TV network ITV's top dramas, details posted. Will it come to Australia. Who knows? Who cares? Most will see it anyway.....

Thu 27AUG09 1207:
Dollhouse: S201 Vows details and seven [7] pics posted

Thu 27AUG09 1045: The Wire: The Buys details and one image posted. "In the fallout from the ruckus at the Towers, including a looming Grand Jury investigation, Lieutenant Daniels reluctantly covers for his detectives, saying he sent them to the projects in the middle of the night. "If I tell you I knew they were going, I screwed up," he says to Deputy Commissioner Burrell."

Thu 27AUG09 1026: The Beast: Infected Barker's old pal, Marcus, a security guard at ritzy jewelry store, gets Barker and Ellis involved in a nerve-wracking case involving millions of dollars and a deadly virus

Thu 27AUG09 0936: Warehouse 13: S111 Nevermore Nine images posted, more details as they are released

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