24 August 2009

Gasbo SciFi Australia Updates 24AUG09

Mon 24AUG09 1150: Cold Blood 103 The Last Hurrah airs on ABC1 at 2115 Saturday 12 September 2009: A baby called Jake Osbourne is kidnapped and a major investigation begins. Norton doesn’t think the baby’s name is a coincidence, and suspects that Wicklow is involved. Jake is brought in to help with the investigation, something Eve resents following their break-up.

Mon 24AUG09 1020: The Beast: Nadia ABC2 08SEP09 at 2045hrs, Barker and Ellis take on one of the nastiest and sleaziest rackets in the world, human trafficking

Mon 24AUG09 0137:
The Fixer Episode 3 Lenny is alerted to the recent arrival of a notorious Albanian gangster Tarek Sokoli. Sokoli wants to put down roots in his new homeland and that includes running drugs and prostitution rackets.

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