15 May 2009

Updates at Gasbo SciFi Australia 15MAY09

Updates 15MAY09
Silent Witness S1209 The Lost Child Part 1
Silent Witness S1210
The Lost Child Part 2
Silent Witness S1211 Finding Rachel Part 1
Silent Witness S1212 Finding Rachel Part 2

Silent Witness season 12 premieres in Australia at 2030 (830pm) on Friday 22 May 2009 on ABC1

Merlin S103 The Mark of Nimueh Interview (text) with Katie McGrath
Merlin S104 The Poisoned Chalice Interview (text) with Bradley James (Uther)
Merlin S105 Lancelot
Merlin Katie McGrath Interview Ms McGrath plays the part of Morgana on Merlin, in this interview she discusses the role on the series

Merlin airs on the TEN Network 1830 (630pm) Sundays

Aunty (ABC1) will be airing the entire 12 episodes of Silent Witness over 6 weeks, all 12 eps are 2 parters, each 2 parter will air as a feature on the same night. To see the 12 episodes info packs please mosey over to our Silent Witness Sites >>

Merlin character profiles and other stuff can be found at our Merlin Site >>

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