13 May 2009

Gasbo SciFi Australia: Updates 13MAY09

WOOHOO: Here it comes folks, the awesome Supernatural Season 4 finale Lucifer Rising. Will Castiel (Misha Collins) save the world, the answers might be in the YouTube/CW vid short take below. Also we've posted fourteen images from the episode (just who is that bloke with no hair?). Can't wait. Not long now. Two days tick tick tick tick

Supernatural Update:
Supernatural S422 Lucifer Rising Vid
Silent Witness Updates:
Silent Witness S1207 Judgement Pt 1
Silent Witness S1208 Judgement Pt 2
BBC'c Criminal Justice 2009 Update:
BBCs Criminal Justice 2009 Press Release
ITV's Wild at Heart back for a 5th season:
Wild at Heart Season 5 Press Release
Primeval update:
Primeval S309

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