18 April 2009

Updates, 24, Supernatural

Updates have been posted to our 24 site, a 30 second preview video short-take from Day 7 2am to 3 am has been posted, to view please go here >>

The Supernatural site has been updated too with info posted from eps 409, 410 and 411 to view please go here >> As we see the eps we'll post the info for them, piccies are avialable but we cant see the point in posting them, well not without knowing when the 4th season will hit our shores on free or pay tv. Yep we know those eps have been around for a while and we've just seen them but a lot of ABC1 and ONE HDTV stuff has to be seen and there is only 24 hours in a day, *chortle*

Not to mention the IPL starting tonight Aaaaargh, GO THE CHENNAI SUPER KINGS!

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