13 September 2008

Supernatural: A Big Hit in Malaysia

As an Aussie who spent some time in Malaysia a long, long time ago I know from personal experience that the wonderful peoples of that country love their TV and film, it seems they haven't lost their love of the telly as indicated by the article written by MUMTAJ BEGUM following an interview with Jensen Ackles and published in the Malaysian online news resource The Star yesterday. "A face-to-face meeting reveals there’s a serious side to the actor portraying the bad-boy Dean Winchester in Supernatural.

"It is quite early in the morning when actor Jensen Ackles arrives at the interview room in a hotel at The Rocks in Sydney, Australia. A fact that he seems to be acknowledging silently – the handsome actor looks as if he has just stifled a yawn (in order not to be rude, you know, he being Texan and all) and his eyes have enough evidence that he’s tired.

"Maybe the early hours is a reflection of Ackles – who plays the mischievous, energetic and amusing Dean Winchester in the TV series Supernatural – as being very serious right now. Or maybe that is just who Ackles is." Read more >>

In Australia Supernatural airs on the TEN Network and is currently between seasons

Jensen Ackles

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