02 September 2008

Fringe's Anna Torv chats to SciFiWire

Aussie actor Anna Torv is poised to make her debut on us TV in the JJ Abrams' series Fringe. The Melbournean took time out to talk to Patrick Lee the editor at SciFi Wire He started by asking Ms Torv to give a prećis of her character, "I play Olivia Dunham, who's an FBI agent, who ... all of a sudden is exposed to this whole other world and is kind of forced to deal with it, which she does. She sort of tends to take on all the responsibility she can get. She has a real sense of duty. When we first started shooting it, we were able to talk to a retired FBI agent, which was fantastic. Yeah, it's really good. And even just talking to him, I mean, not about any secrets stuff, but ... these people that do these kind of jobs have ... just such a strong sense of duty. Like, a strong sense of duty and just total focus and tunnel vision, ... high expectations of themselves, too. And I think Olivia really does fall into that category. Read more >>

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