01 August 2008

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Knight Rider: The TV Series

31 July 2008: The series, hot on the heels of the very successful TV Movies premieres in the US on 24 September

NBC has released 3 images from the first episdode Knight in Shining Armour but as yet no storyline, as soon as it is released we will post it at the The Happy Place Knight Rider Shed

It's not known if an Aussie network will pickup the series.

Heroes S301 The Second Coming

31 July 2008: First images of the upcoming Season 3 Heroes episode The Second Coming have been posted at The Happy Place Volume 3 Villains Shed.

Further information is scant, NBC hasn't released any storylines yet, as soon as the do we will post them at The Happy Place

Well what do you know? Heroes is back!

31 July 2008: Heroes is back, but is it too little too late? Seven ignored pleas from fans to air the last two episodes of Season 2 Generations before the writers strike in the US crippled productions of pretty much all scifi shows except those in production in Canada. The intransigence of the network caused fans to take matters into there own hands and they illegally downloaded or wrote to friends in the US for copies on video tape then distributed them to friends around the country. You know the old adage, one person has 10 friends and they've got 10 friends, say no more

The network is promoting eps 210 Truth & Consequences and 211 Powerless as "Premiere Movie Length Episode".Don't laugh, it's true....

For those unfortunate folks who didn't see the final two episodes tune in to Seven at 9.30pm on Wednesday 6 August 2008, except of course if you're into Hollowmen, House or Cold Case.

To read (and view images) about the last to eps please go to The Happy Place Volume 2 Generations Shed

Next on TEN HD's SciFi Thursday

29 July 2008: Next up on TEN HD’s SciFi Thursday on 1 August 2008, Smalleville’s third last season seven ep 718 Apocalypse at 8.30pm, then it’s Mulder and Scully’s turn on the The X-Files 104 Conduit at 9.30pm, meanwhile Jake and the citizens of Jericho, 121 Coalition of the Willing, are on the home straight to…….. at 10.25pm with The 4400, The Great Leap Forward, bringing up the rear at 11.25pm

The Doctor: On Sunday 03AUG08 ABC1

29 July 2008: Part 2 to last week's The Sontaran Strategy, The Poison Sky, sees the Doctor up against it as the Sontarans choke the Earth he battles to keep both Martha and Donna alive.The UNIT (Unified Intelligence Taskforce) decides nuclear weapon will be used when the gas quantity reaches 80%.

Cast: David Tennant as The Doctor, Catherine Tate as Donna Noble, Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones, Billie Piper as Rose Tyler, Christopher Ryan as General Staal, Bernard Cribbins as Wilfred Mott, Rupert Holliday-Evans as Colonel Mace.

Doctor Who airs on ABC2 on Sundays at 7.30pm followed by Doctor Who: Confidential Cutdown at 8.15pm

Mo spills the beans on Heroes S3

29 July 2008: Mo Ryan (AKA The Watcher) over at the Chicago Tribune is on assignment at the 2008 Comic Con, some people get it good eh?

Anyway, she went to the Heroes corner of the Comic Con Extraganza and reports that Tim Kring (creator/producer) sent the nearly 7,000 strong fans into a tizz when he announced that the premiere episode of Season 3 would be aired. Mo continues and there are spoilers ahead.....

"I’m dividing the storylines in the season premiere into a few basic categories. I’ll put the Maya-Suresh storyline into one paragraph, the Sylar storyline into another, etc., even though these plots are intercut with each other during the actual episode.

"The first scene: The first scene is set four years in the future. Peter meets a dark-haired Claire. They talk about the best way to prevent a series of bad events, and in the end, she tries to shoot him but he dodges the bullet, “Matrix” style. The rest of the episode takes place in the “present day.”

"The Maya-Suresh storyline: Might as well get this pile of sludge out of the way first. After explaining that he’s stashed Molly somewhere safe, Suresh babbles about his “father’s research” blah blah blah, and extracts something from Maya’s blood that helps him to understand how the abilities of the heroes work. He’s able to isolate the chemical that gives humans their special properties, and Maya tells him he should get rid of the syringe holding that chemical, because having special powers is a “curse.” To the surprise of no one, Suresh injects himself with the chemical and becomes super-powered Suresh.

A recurrent image of Earth exploding is seen in the episode; in the Sureshstory, the image is on the side of a building. Continue the read here.To comment go to our blog or the Season 3 Heroes Shed over at The Happy Place Forums

Dr Who Magazine #398


To view the covers please go here >>

"Davros himself, actor Julian Bleach, talks exclusively about taking on the role of the Daleks’ creator in the latest Doctor Who Magazine.

"Is the fact that other actors have played the part in the past a help or a hindrance? “That can make it harder to approach it afresh,” considers Julian, “but it’s more of a problem if you’re trying to find a new interpretation of the character. What I was trying to do with Davros was to recreate – and match as closely as possible – a previously established character.” So what’s Julian’s take on Davros? Twisted megalomaniac? Mad scientist? Misguided genius? “All of those things, but I’d say the character was very probably originally inspired by Hitler, and I found that to be quite a useful reference point, particularly in some of his more dogmatic speeches!”

"It’s not just Davros who’s quizzed this issue – DWM has been keeping up with the Joneses (Martha, Francine, Harriet and Ianto), the Smiths (Mickey, Sarah Jane, Luke and Mr Smith, and even the Doctor at one point) and a host of Tylers and Nobles, as well as the odd Mott, Cooper and Harkness. This, then, is one of DWM’s most ambitious projects ever: in issue 398, DWM talks to the entire regular and returning cast of The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End! Find out which former companion had to have an injection to stop her vomiting. Discover whose bottom to hold onto in a crisis, and whose gave Catherine Tate a shock. Learn which actress is happy to “mug away in the background.” And establish who would win in a Dalek Crucible-based wind-breaking competition!

"DWM 398 features exclusive interviews with:
• David Tennant
• Catherine Tate
• Freema Agyeman
• Billie Piper
• John Barrowman
• Gareth David-Lloyd
• Eve Myles
• Penelope Wilton
• Jacqueline King
• Bernard Cribbins
• Noel Clarke
• Camille Coduri
• Adjoa Andoh
• Elisabeth Sladen
• Thomas Knight
• John Leeson
• Alexander Armstrong
• Nicholas Briggs
• Julian Bleach
• David Tennant (again!)
• Richard Dawkins"

"The Doctor and Donna’s battle with the Sycorax reaches its explosive climax in the final part of the latest full colour comic strip The Widow’s Curse.
Showrunner Russell T Davies reveals exclusively what won’t be in Series Five.
The chance to vote for your favourites in DWM’s annual Season Survey
The latest news on the forthcoming Doctor Who Specials and Series Two of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

AND... all the latest news, exclusive photos, reviews, previews, competitions… and a choice of FOUR fantastic covers to collect!

"DWM 398 is out on Thursday 24 July 2008, price £3.99.

"Get it now before the stars go out!" Source: Panini Comics

Smallville: S8 Chatter at TV Guide (US)

29 July 2008:The US online TV Guide has posted a 2 parter interview/preview with Smallville executive producers and show runners Darren Swimmer, Brian Peterson and Todd Slavkin. Please follow these following links to the interviews, Part 1, Part 2, as usual be cautious there might be SPOILERS

Wish to comment? After the read 'gate over to The Happy Place Smallville Season 8 Shed >>

MGM Announces Robocop 4

29 July 2008:MGM's Chairman, Worldwide Motion Picture Group, Mary Parent announced today that a new Robocop flick would be made, it will be the fourth of the Robocop franchise.

MGM has signed Darren Aronofsky to direct and David Self to pen the filmscript, of the pair Ms Parent said, “Darren is undeniably one of the most talented, original and visceral film makers, and David is one of the greatest writers in Hollywood. All of us at MGM couldn't be more excited.” Read more >>

'The Day the Earth Stood Still' new posters

29 July 2008: The 20th Century Fox 21st century remake of the popular '50's classic scifi flick 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' is gathering a nice head of steam as the Australian release date of December 08 approaches. The cast includes Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Kathy Bates, Jaden Smith and Jon Hamm.

Fox released two new posters yesterday, to read more and view the posters please go to The Happy Place Forum's Upcoming Flicks The Day the Earth Stood Still Shed >>

Doctor Who airs on ABC1 at 7.30 Sundays followed by Doctor Confidential at 8.15pm

Next on TEN HD's SciFi Thursday

29 July 2008: Next up on TEN HD’s SciFi Thursday on 1 August 2008, Smalleville’s third last season seven ep 718 Apocalypse at 8.30pm, then it’s Mulder and Scully’s turn on the The X-Files 104 Conduit at 9.30pm, meanwhile Jake and the citizens of Jericho, 121 Coalition of the Willing, are on the home straight to…….. at 10.25pm with The 4400, The Great Leap Forward, bringing up the rear at 11.25pm

Mo Ryan Talks to Caprica's Ron Moore

29 July 2008: Further to our story on the BSG prequel Caprica reported yesterday, Mo Ryan over at the Chicago Tribune has posted a pretty comprehensive interview with BSG's Ron Moore. In the interview they chat about the BSG finale, Caprica and the upcoming BSG film. To find out more please go here >>

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