16 August 2008

Supernatural's Sera Gamble chats to Firefox News

US news resource Firefox News has posted an interesting interview with Supernatural Season 4 producer/writer Sera Gamble in their site, they started by asking Mr Gamble, "The writer's strike cut season 3 short. Meanwhile, time was running down on Dean's deal. Has having a full season ahead and Dean no longer in the process of dying affected the atmosphere working on season 4?

Sera Gamble: Yeah, I suppose we are in a different head space this season. Worrying about when we were going to shut down was no fun. And we came into this season with an embarrassment of riches, because we inherited some of the storyline we didn't get a chance to tell last year. So, we're in a happy place. The rest can be read here >>

Supernatural season 4 will premiere on the US network The CW straight after Smallville on 18 September. Airdate in Australia is unknown

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