21 August 2008

Rupert's not coomfy snoggin' Em

Right! It's now down to the nitty gritty of the last 'chapter' in the last book Jo Rowlings says she is going to write about the boy wizard Harry Potter, is that a wailing sound we still hear in the distance?

OK, so here is the obligatory SPOILER warning for those Potter fans who have not read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. DON'T LOOK!

Nineteen years after the battle against Voldemort is won, domesticity has overtaken our heroes, the 'shippers' have at last got their way (no I'm not one of them), the offspring are on their way to Hogwarts: according to the book of course. Now it's time to think about transferring Deathly Hallows to the big screen .

As we all know, er, most of us, Hermione and Ron are married and as the vagaries of the situation catch up with Rupert Grint he has commented in the London tabloid daily The Sun that kissing Emma "will be quite uncomfortable, Emma's like a sister to me so it's going to be, like, really, really weird" ick!

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