29 August 2008

Fringe, behind the scenes

Wow is the publicity machine firing up for Fringe or what? SciFi Wire has an “Exclusive Peek Behind Fringe” posted in their website, there’s an image featuring JJ Abrams, Blair Brown, Joshua Jackson and Aussie Anna Torv.

“Amid the red-and-blue flashing light of squad cars, FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham strides purposefully through the Boston parking garage with companions Peter Bishop and his father, eccentric scientist Walter Bishop, toward the crime scene. Greeted by a building supervisor, she is told that the elevator simply dropped several floors, crashing violently into the garage. "That's impossible," Peter says as they examine the wreckage. Walter and Olivia draw closer, peering inside the wrecked elevator car, where several people died. Or so it seems. Cut!” To read the rest please head on over to SciFi Wire >>

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